“These guys and their bubbles are so fun! You will be mesmerized!”
Carmen Classen

“Very creative and unique! A fun addition to any event!” Alexis Hess

“So much fun at Long’s Park today! Max loved the awesome bubbles!”
Tina Heskett Steffensmeier ‎

“Thanks for making this birthday party extra special!!! The kids had so much fun!”
Lana Wayman

“Biggest bubbles we’ve ever seen! Crystal clear, thick and absolutely amazing! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. :)” Adrea Solano

“This is soooo cool!” Tracy Hoops Emery

“Those aren’t bubbles, those are small planets!” Overheard 

“Awesome bubbles that entertain EVERYONE..not just kids!!” Emily Verge

“We got several sets for a family gathering and it was a huge hit!”
Danae Schonberg

“Love! We got some at the Makers Fair over the weekend and have been having so much fun! Thank you” Megan Hartley Browning

“They make people who are playing with them happy because they are so forgiving and we were able to make big impressive long bubble just by swinging it “gracefully” around.” Nelly Phatracharukul